Blue Zellige Tile

The jury in the “court of home design” seems to have returned a verdict on the prediction about Zellige tile made in this space a few months before 2024 officially arrived. Every year, the Acme Brick “What’s Hot” list uncovers one or two products that seem to have arrived from nowhere and suddenly are on the computer screens of interior designers around the globe. As was noted back then, “This year, Zellige tile will explode in popularity.”
As predicted, it has.
There are many reasons interior designers and their clients—architects, builders, and new home buyers—love this look.
What This Means for You — The artisan look of Zellige tile has a richness that contemporary homeowners love. It is imperfectly perfect and dazzlingly beautiful. And it can become a focal point for any area of the home, from the kitchen to the bath or any other space.
For interior design, there is nothing hotter than Zellige tile, especially in the bathroom and kitchen. For some Moroccan inspiration, click here and see what Acme has to offer in this buzzworthy product. 


Home designs featuring Zellige tile

Moroccan Magic

Zellige (pronounced zell-idge) is a type of tiling that originated in Morocco, where handcrafted tiles were made from a special blend of local clay and then glazed and fired, resulting in a surface with various irregularities that give each tile a unique look. That variety of tone, flatness, depth, and shade is perfect for lending character to whatever space is being tiled—hence Zellige’s popularity.
According to several home design sources, “Zellige tile, also referred to as "zelij" or "azulejos,” is an enchanting and handcrafted tile originating from the culturally rich land of this North African country and home of the legendary “Marrakesh Express” trainline. These tiles have garnered immense popularity worldwide, thanks to their intricate designs, vibrant colors, and historical significance. The art of crafting Zellige tiles has been honed through generations of skilled artisans, making them a symbol of true craftsmanship. 
“The process of creating Zellige tiles involves meticulous hand-chiseling of each tile from glazed terracotta, giving them a distinct and individualistic allure. The glazing process adds a lustrous sheen to the tiles and enhances their ability to reflect natural light, brightening up any space they adorn.”

What Spaces in the Home Benefit from Zellige?

Part of the reason for Zellige tile’s popularity is its flexibility of use in the home. Editors of Living Etc. note, “When it comes to kitchen or bathroom tiles, the shining yet modern Zellige tiles are taking over. 
“People are obsessed with the hand-hewn look and subtle earthy tones of the classic Moroccan tiles, specifically the square shape and in varying shades of taupe and cream. These colors will add more of an impact to the space and accentuate the handmade characteristics that draw them to the tile in the first place.”

Zellige tile feature in a bathroom

Two areas to consider installing Zellige tile.

  • The Bathroom

Self-care has become an important part of the lives of busy people. Bathrooms that include a “spa” vibe are in high demand for new home builds. This has even led to one of those clever buzz terms— “Spathroom.”
Interior designers note that covering the walls and shower area with these tiles will evoke a sense of tranquility and relaxation. And don’t forget the floor. Homeowners who need a touch of “biophilic therapy” can bring the outdoors inside by using natural white Zellige tiles for their bathroom floor. The earthy tones and handmade texture will lend a rustic charm to your private oasis.

  • The Kitchen

One of the most popular spaces in the home for Zellige tile is also one of the most frenetic: the kitchen. With all that cooking, homework, entertaining, and eating going on here, a little tranquility is a welcome addition. 
For the accent wall in the kitchen, how about a North African look? All it takes for a Moroccan-inspired kitchen are Zellige tiles in a geometric pattern. 
Want a backsplash that will make a splash when the party just naturally migrates to the kitchen? White Zellige tiles in your kitchen backsplash can add a touch of timeless elegance to your culinary space. The glossy finish of the tiles will brighten up the area and complement any modern kitchen design.
Finally, surrounding a kitchen fireplace or pizza oven with Zellige tile can push the “wow” factor into overdrive!

Catch the Marrakesh Express

Whether it’s the bathroom, kitchen, or outdoor entertainment space, the Marrakesh Express is steaming to a home near you—perhaps even yours! Zellige tile, made from Moroccan clay and handmade by artisans from the region, is a stunning addition to any contemporary home. 
Want more information on Zellige tile? Ask your architect or builder to check with Acme about this exquisite home decor product.