Bath trends for 2020

With a new year and decade just around the corner, it’s time for the annual gaze into the Acme Brick home design crystal ball. As we noted in last year’s trend editionthe latest home design trends are driven by many factors, including fashion and the economy.

Our 2020 list was compiled from hundreds of home design websites, blogs, media reports and well-respected designers, such as Aida Sniraite, one of Europe’s most highly respected home and commercial designers. She succinctly notes: 

Today we are tired of touchscreens, unwelcoming light in public spaces and offices. That’s why we are seeking refuge, a cozy, warm space where we can feel well. Interior design trends in 2020 will center around wellbeing, comfort, and sustainability.

True. However, every designer or homeowner understands the truth of the old adage: “The devil’s in the details.” 

Before pulling out that color swatch or measuring tape, take a look at our 2020 Vision for the 10 hottest home designs, complete with the devilish details:

#1 Moving vs. Remodeling  

One economic trend is changing homeownership in the U.S. and driving many design trends in 2020. “Homeowners nationwide are remaining in their homes typically 13 years, five years longer than they did in 2010,” according to a new analysis by real-estate brokerage Redfin. 

The penchant for current homeowners to stay put has had a ripple effect which includes fewer homes being built and more people deciding to update their current residence. This drives the creation of new, more stylish kitchens, baths, entertainment rooms and other rooms of the house. It also encourages homeowners to expand the footprint of their homes by creating more outdoor entertainment spaces and update security devices such as Ring camera doorbells and mailbox vaults. Because of this, in 2020 we will continue to see many Americans update and remodel their current homes to match their taste in design and lifestyle.

#2 Now and Zen: Mindfulness at Home

When Marie Kondo wrote her best-selling book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up,” she tapped into a powerful emotion. The seemingly endless stream of day-to-day noise and visual chaos has reached a tipping point and more people are trying to declutter their lives and attain a level of calm. 

As always, this begins at home and the design trends will reflect this in 2020. According to this insightful blog, there are several ways to be more mindful with home design.

  • Ensure that every object has a purpose.
  • Create a tech-free meditation space- often known as an R&R space.
  • Choose harmonious colors so that each room is in harmony with the others.
  • Let in natural light to boost mental health.
  • Minimize clutter by using built-in storage and display only that which inspires tranquility.

#3 Sustainability: Still Near the Top of the List for Must-Have Design

As it was in last year’s home design trends, sustainability continues to be an important concept for 2020. The annual design show in Milan presented many examples of why going “green” is still good for contemporary homes. Sustainable design will be manifested in the coming year in several ways.

Natural materials such as brick, stone, and tile come from the earth and have enjoyed popularity in home design for centuries. “Brick and stone have a rugged beauty and ultimate sustainability that defies other materials,” said Jay Cox, Midwest Regional Sales Manager of Acme Brick Tile & Stone. “With new variations of brick such as thinBRIK and options such as stone, designers have an entirely new palette with which to work.”

Other sustainable elements that will be popular in the coming year include:

  • Materials such as rattan, sisal, hemp and terracotta 
  • Marble will be hot
  • Carpet flooring, walls and even ceilings (made from natural fibers)
  • 3D wall coverings (just like grandma had)
  • Metal surfaces and furniture
  • Bringing nature inside

#4 The Bath is Back

Bathroom design has been unimaginative for many years, but it appears all of that is about to change in 2020. Double floating vanities, which allow for easier cleaning, will be on the wish-list for homeowners building or renovating. According to this article, non-toilet seating, in the form of built-in benches or individual chairs will finally come to the throne room. Linda Anderson of Acme Brick Stone & Tile notes that decorative tile, especially white beveled subway tile on the walls and tub apron “help create a cohesive design while adding shimmer and texture.”

# 5 Colorful Trends for 2020

According to the research from Behr Paint Company and other home designers, 2020 will be defined by soothing tones from oranges and pinks to blues and greens in both warm and cool hues. “The colors are meant to offer restorative balance to the interiors they coat in a bid to promote health and wellness through the decorative medium.”

As for the most popular color of brick in the coming year, Jeremy Emler of Acme Brick notes that the softer hues, such as grey and off-white are still the most popular among designers, architects and homeowners.

#6 Kitchen as a Family Room

The kitchen will continue to be the “meeting place” for family and guests, thus remains one of the focal points of a home. This encourages designers and homeowners to carefully consider the functionality and visual style of this room. 

The editors of Houzz magazine receive thousands of photographs of kitchens each year, and they use these to predict what’s hot and what’s not. Here are some trends that are sizzling for 2020:

  • More than 40 percent of homeowners STILL choose white cabinets for the kitchen. In order to keep this from being boring, a few darker wooden drawers are being added for wine racks and other storage.
  • Open shelving cabinetry will continue to thrive in various home styles and designs 
  • Vertical wood pull-outs of darker wood which flank the range are also gaining popularity.
  • Kitchens that flow seamlessly to the dining area are a continuation of popular open concept.
  • The 2020 colors of kitchens are described as “soft.” This includes demure satin-brass fixtures and light marble backsplashes.
  • Because it is one of the busiest entertainment spaces in the home, having lots of seating around the still popular prep island is a must have for a contemporary kitchen.

#7 A Ground Floor Opportunity

As a part of a renovation or new build, flooring has become a great way to set the tone for each room in the house and because of this, it is an important design element. In 2020, the choices of flooring - from natural to synthetic - are almost unlimited. 

Acme Brick Tile & Stone flooring expert, Linda Anderson pointed to the six most popular styles of flooring for 2020. Click here to learn more.

# 8 Entertainment Space in the Great Outdoors

For many homeowners, the best room in the house is not IN the house at all. It’s outside. As more people choose to “stay put” in their homes for longer periods of time, this outdoor entertainment space will continue to get more attention in the coming year. 

With high-end grills such as the Renaissance Cooking System and the Saffire Grill & Smokerbrick fireplaces and pizza ovens, big-screen entertainment systems, fire and water features, wrought iron doors and even synthetic turf, entertaining outdoors is great indeed!

#9 Bold Geometric Patterns in Home Design 

Geometric patterns have become popular in the fashion industry and homeowners can look for bolder geometric designs in lighting, furniture, wallpaper, and pillows in 2020. Even flooring and fireplaces are being updated with herringbone designs that add a distinctly contemporary look and feel to these traditional decor elements.

#10 Don’t Forget the Inside of the Front Door

Every homeowner understands how painting a home’s front door enhances its curb appeal, but more designers are suggesting that the inside of the front door should also be painted in the same vibrant color. According to Houzz, “Painting the interior of the front door creates a striking feature.”

2020 Hindsight: 10 Design Trends That Are Over!

Before the fashion police arrive and as expeditiously as possible, please remove these items from your home:

  • All-white or all-gray decor - The gray-on-gray-on-gray trend is over. 
  • Bold accent walls - Design professionals are over this trend and they’re outta here!
  • Traditional linoleum flooring - The 60’s called, and they want their linoleum back!
  • Industrial accent object – Those giant wooden gears are just not meshing anymore.
  • Millennial pink - Better choices are muted green or yellow.
  • Fast put-it-together-yourself furniture - Look at the bright side. You can say “adios” to all those complicated assembly directions!
  • Edison bulbs - This coffee shop chic was over last year. 
  • Shiny gold, brass or rose gold accent pieces - Better choices are accents in wood or leather.
  • Granite overload in the kitchen - As a wise designer once said, “everything in moderation.”
  • The Farmhouse style - Sorry, Chip and Joanna. That shiplap has sailed.

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